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The Valley of the Moon Children’s Foundation is a private, nonprofit organization established to provide supportive and educational services for the abandoned, neglected and abused children of Sonoma County.

Cheap clomid pills - Were can i buy clomid

Through tireless volunteer hours the Valley of the Moon Foundation has helped to create a safe haven for children. What they have done is not just help build a building, but raised awareness of the issues that affect abused, neglected, and abandoned children in our community so that support from individuals, businesses, and organizations is on-going.


The Valley of the Moon Children’s Foundation’s unwavering goal is to provide ongoing support to the Valley of the Moon Children’s Home, which is Sonoma County’s only 24-hour emergency shelter for abused, abandoned, and neglected children.

Board Of Directors

The Valley of the Moon Children’s Foundation Board of Directors is entirely made up of volunteers from our great community. These strongly committed people devote their personal time and energy to make the VOM Children’s Foundation work for the children, staff and volunteers.

Thank you for your enduring kindness and support which has made an enormous difference to more than 1,200 children annually. We invite you to select a project or program that would interest you.