Board of Directors

Current Board

David P. Dillwood, CPA

Stephan Passalacqua

Community Leader

Don Johannsen

Community Leader

Julie Solomon Atwood


Marcy Smothers

Past President

Katie Condie

Executive Assistant

Linda Stevenson

Community Leader

Emily DeMeo, Esq.

Community Leader

Honorary Board

Linda Capuano

Community Representative

James McVicar

Judge Arnold Rosenfield

County of Sonoma Superior Court

Past Presidents

Mardi Shepard

Christine DeLoach

Louis Capuano

James McVicar

George C. Forrester

Michael A. Fraga, Ph.D.

Judge Arnold Rosenfield

If you have any questions or would like to inquire about becoming a valued member of the VOMCF Board of Directors, Please contact our Administrative Assistant:  Katie Condie: